Questo marchio è collegato ad un importante invenzione che serve per rialzare le macchine tipo Panda

L'invenzione sta facendo il giro del mondo ed è utile per superare ostacoli e guidare sui terreni non asfaltati quali dossi alti, può adesso finalmente attraversare i fiumi, saltare le dune, percorrere sentieri nei boschi , il tutto grazie a Christian Sundas fondatore dell'azienda Rialzi 4 x 4.

La Rialzi 4x4 si sta presentando come Main Sponsor da accompagnare la scuderia inserendo il marchio Rialzi 4x4 sulla Moto.

Anche grazie alle umbrella girls, il brand Rialzi 4x4 sarà valorizzato sul Paddock di ogni evento motoristico.

American football is aimed at increasing physical strength and a little less the technical and tactical part.
There are US champions who play in Europe such as Adams Tyler, a player of RB Leipzig who has grown tactically thanks to the German school and this means that the American national team is improving in all respects.
The player's agent Alessio Sundas has several contacts between American clubs, in particular he strongly believes in young talents from overseas and then promotes them in Europe.
At the same time, thanks to its network of collaborators, Sundas often starts negotiations to bring European top players to MLS such as Gonzalo Higuaín, Blaise Matuidi and many others.

The reference point for all athletes who are struggling for a scholarship to access college is the American Group Sports Management of general manager Alessio Sundas.

Sundas' group will think about the whole practice and the athlete will only have to think about studying and training.

Once the administrative procedures have been completed, the athlete will be presented to the college staff with the scholarship ready to start this important path thanks to the American Group Sports Management and have a guaranteed future.

When it comes to sports, the scene is monopolized only by big names such as basketball: Anthony Davis, Lebron James; Tennis: Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal; Football: Leo Messi Cristiano Ronaldo; Football: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers; Baseball: Austin Barnes, Gerrit Cole; Boxing: Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and golf champion Tiger Woods.
But in the world there are not only them, there are many athletes who are just as good but who do not have the right visibility even though they deserve the big stages.
For 28 years, the manager Alessio Sundas, director of Sport Man and of American Group Sports Management, has valued athletes around the world with the great VPM method.
Those who feel like giving 100% can rely on this great system that can change their career for the better.

The Sport Man of general manager Alessio Sundas welcomes coach Cristian Hernando Bueno.
Important curriculum for the Spaniard born in 1987, for him experiences with Arandina CF and with Real Madrid CF (Nacional Juvenil) from 2015 to today with numerous satisfactions, victories and young people valued in the football that counts.
Now, thanks to Alessio Sundas' VPM, also Mr. Cristian Hernando Bueno will receive his enhancement to aim for the first team.
Sports agent Alessio Sundas aims to bring him to MLS where football needs young Europeans with experience and talent to promote football in America and the Spanish school coach Real Madrid has just the right curriculum.