Many players have adopted the VPM method, i.e. Valuation and Promotion Marketing of the footballer. An exclusive method patented and invented by American group sport management . The project is to make known and enhance the value of American footballers.
Obviously, the project is not limited only to the image of the player, but thanks to the VPM method, every week the players will be observed by the Match Analysts with the videos.

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Around the world, there are thousands of excellent
footballers. In the USA, there are 4,200,0000
members, but only 5% are professionals. Thanks to
my method and my algorithm, we can make them
improve and give them a score. In that way, we can
find teams for these football players. In order to do
that, I need investors and some help from the
State. This algorithm is sold at 69 euros annually.
This app can be used both by men and women.
Our users are between 14 and 24 and they
generate an income of 1,800,000. The estimated
annual revenue is 124,200,000,000 euros equal to
140,935,329,000.00 US dollars.

An Italian app dedicated to football players was created thanks to the intuition of sport agent Alessio Sundas”.


Its name is ASM (Algorithm Soccer Oracle), a concreate and performing idea, that measures football players’ value through an algorithm comparing their performances to top players’ ones. 

Let’s see how it works.


Excellent data of the best players, that correspond to a specific unit of measurement, are proposed as standard of comparison for young players. They compile independently all data and upload coefficients of football matches comparing them to the best players. In that way, they have an idea of the level of their performances. 


In a specific website, Oracle Genius algorithm, the real mentor of statistical numbers (its secret which is the main focus for the comparison method), assigns a value to a player and thanks to that, football teams have an idea of players’ efficiency. 

Everything is smart, digital and in your device. 


“The staff who created this app worked for months to organize data, divided in different roles, which create a sort of football player’s ID, a technical sheet that presents them to the right teams, managers and coaches. The website and the app are about to be launched for the joy and the curiosity of players who want to understand their value according to some technical criteria and to increase their participation and to bridge the gap with the world of top players which is more and more remote and unchangeable”, Sundas explains. 


“It deals with a system that each country should develop and use and, in that way, we would have a worldwide, universal parameter for all teams”, Sundas adds. 


“The development of this app, completely Italian, enhances a feature of transfer market: giving a tool to teams which allows to measure football players’ skills. In the app, each players’ performance is inserted and doing that, they have a complete and functional collection of football player’s results”, Sundas ends. 


Are you a goalkeeper? Do you want to know how Neuer is playing after lots of seasons and compare you to him?

Are you a defender and do you want to observe, from a statistical point of view, what makes you different from Virgil Van Dijk? Are you a midfielder and do you want to play with Rodri of Manchester City? Or are you a striker and do you want to be like Cristiano Ronaldo?