Coach Ariel Avaca's coach Alessio Sundas thinks of the Argentine coach as a new candidate to supply the club in MLS and for the European squad.

Mr. Avaca's interesting resume is a guarantee to introduce the American and European club.

Avaca is technical director of A.T.F.A., professional video analyst on football, director for scouting and more. He was also a long-time journalistic expert in the football sector.

His curriculum is full of important South American teams such as CLUB S.D. LA PICADA, CLUB GUARANI A.FRANCO, in Argentina, CLUB UNIVERSAL in Paraguay and CLUB ATL. MORELOS in Mexico.

His team is always heavily attacking and it wasn't a spectacular game which is precisely why sports attorney Sundas thought of MLS.

La agencia deportiva Sport Man se complace en anunciar su colaboración con el técnico argentino Ariel Avaca.

El gerente general Alessio Sundas está muy satisfecho con esta colaboración y está listo para contactar con los clubes de la MLS y los principales equipos europeos para el nuevo cliente.

Football and footballers nowadays need to be valued.

This is because by now football is world-wide and the observers of the big clubs see many talents only if they have been valued first.

And here is that only a well-targeted enhancement of the technical data sheet, connected to an image promotion with journalistic articles, googlized name, transfermarkt profile and wikipedia as well as a quality marketing, can make that profile attractive and thus have the opportunity to audition for a great team.

The VPM method is an exclusive of Alessio Sundas and is inimitable.

Sport Man, with its general manager Alessio Sundas, is also proposing this revolutionary method in the USA to enhance the young American champions in order to prepare them for the European market.

The general manager of the sporting agency Sport Man is contacting the overflowing Napoli coach Gennaro Gattuso.

The sports agent Sundas calls Gattuso inviting him to follow him in Palmeiras in Brazil where he will have carte blanche in the management of the players.

In Brazil it will be possible to make the most of young talents and a solid club like Palmeiras will be able to do nothing but good for the national Rino.

Numerous fans ready to welcome him as well as the whole carioca society ready to invest in him.

A real blow this operation thanks to Alessio Sundas.

The general manager of Sport Man, Alessio Sundas, today contacted the President of the MLS Don Garber and the President of the USL Jake Edwards congratulating them given the great success of football in America.

With the letter sent, we are trying to obtain a collaboration between the ambitious Sport Man and the MLS and USL thanks to the revolutionary and unique method of VPM by Sundas.

“VPM is a great invention of mine and it is a mix of essential methods for the visibility of the player at international level. Once the MLS and the USL join this project with me, American football will be as popular as baseball and American football, ”says Sundas.