Francesco Moriero new national team coach?


Could the football coach soon become Mancini's new successor? Alessio Sundas' proposal


Could Francesco Moriero very soon hold the reins of Italian national team? This is the main theme on which the latest football news revolves, which would see Lecce-born coach at the forefront.

The role of the players agent Alessio Sundas becomes synonymous with a fundamental game that not only plans to bring the great names of Italian football to America, but also to use the Italian teaching method, as the modus operandi adopted is unique in the world.

In this regard, Sundas thinks that the future coach of the Italian national team could be Francesco Moriero. Thus, the former acrobatic midfielder and football coach could, according to the agent's idea, be the successor of the current Italy coach, Roberto Mancini, or, in some way, the former midfielder could even join him. Sundas also reiterated: "I believe that this name (which I propose) is a name that will lead Italy to win the world championships".

An important sentence inserted in a context of equal importance, as the proposal of the players agent Alessio Sundas could be really positive. Indeed, in practical terms and, according to the statistics and to what the story tells us, Moriero could contribute to making the path of the Italian national team even more rosy.

Therefore, not only a road on the rise which, as it is currently denoted, already sees Mancini's team in the round of 16 of the Europeans, but which could lead to the absolute victory of the various championships that, over the years, will follow one another.