We are in the second decade of October and the time has come to draw the first sums of this new and strange 2020/2021 season.

Market stopped or at least not very moved where there were no major market movements except for some exceptions.

Numerous clubs in Serie C are suffering terribly from the crisis and Trapani has already been the first victim and Livorno already has one foot in the "pit" if you do not decide to call some agency that can help them.

The Sport Man of general manager Alessio Sundas is investing to and from the United States thus creating a bridge between the two continents and the two ways of doing football.

In the USA football is very physical and everyone has great strength, but they lack technique, in Europe it is the opposite, a lot of technique but with limited strength. Here is the idea of ​​Sundas, to exchange players to make up for their lack and to increase the level.

Currently, with the transfer market stopped, only the released players can move and the player's agent Alessio Sundas addresses a message to them: "Do not stay and look at the chandelier ... train, call me and we will enhance your technical sheet so that some club can see and register ".

All unencumbered players with a bit of talent are therefore invited to contact Alessio Sundas' Sport Man to be valued with their infallible method.