Why did I invent a Genius Algorithhm?


Why am I a genius?


Yes, maybe I am!


I have been working as a sports manager in football for a long time and I always hear the same thing repeated by the parents of budding athletes, especially mothers.


My son is much better than Ronaldo and Messi I don't understand why he didn't reach a higher level !! The answer to give? Because he's not smart, but too easy and I think all this had to be said inscentifically. So one night in October 2019 I started designing an algorithm that measured the level reached by each player.




The Club uploads the 90-minute video of the match and the bill of the match in algorithmsoccer.com;


2 } Match Analysis will detect kpi data;


3 } Opening the App and entering the algorithm data will get the first certified score


4} Repeating this for at least 6 games, you will get the average score


Let's go back to Mom


Mom: my son is better than Ronaldo


Answer your score


Mom takes the phone and accesses the App: the score is 321 .06


How does the world of football change? There will no longer be the need to make hundreds of auditions.


Only one is enough with the club that hits a player with a determined score.


The score can vary from 1- 1000


Up to 250 Bronze The clubs interested can be: 5 4 Division


Up to 500 Silver Interested clubs can be 3 Divisions


Up to 750 Gold Interested clubs can be 2 1 Media Division


Up to 1000 Platinum Solo Top Club


The player will immediately knowing the level reached and knowing that he is monitored he will work with all of himself to improve.


How much does the algorithm cost?


For the clubs alone. $7,900 for 10 Video, App forever


For footballers only 69 $ a year


Let’s talk about Business


How much could you invoice Oracle Genius Soccer Algorithm?


First country United States


1 } Footballers registered a Us Soccer 4.2000 $


5 years from now


We sell ASM to everyone In the Bank 289.800.00 $




2 } How many only clubs and academies? Many


But we are pessimistics, let's sell it only to 5000 Clubs and Academy


7,900 in the Bank 11,850,000 this for the first year


5 Years 59,250,000


And I was low ...


Now we count in all the other countries:


Europe, Japan, Brazil, Argentina


We understand the advantages


1 } Less auditions and selection of young players by clubs


2 } Athletic trainers selling kpi numbers will know where to work to improve performance


3 } Increase in competition between players knowing that they are under Analysis


4) Facilitation for intermediaries to transfer a young footballer;


5 } Less work for Scauting in the boy's assessment;


6 } Valorisation of the technical sheet for Colleges and Universities.


Now try it and let's walk together in a new generation of players with a cerfified score and a new identity


I'm the genius who doesn't sleep at night